Far Away From All

By: Dr. Asaf Durakovic


And as I stepped to the fields from the road 

Stunned with the peace of the glorious summer day 

Where the cricket breathes life from its expanded breast

Where the birds soar towards their endless sky


In my escape far away from it all

Far from the darkness of this heavy day

Nothing has the power to hurt me anymore

And return me to the cruel world so far away

Behind me so many unfortunate days

Like condemned felons at the execution wall

All dread the end in their enormous fear

Yet don't surrender before the final fall

And although crushed, I throw away my shackles

And although my steps stagger, unbelieving

That freedom is nigh, that light in darkness sparkles

Before the fields where the peace is so relieving

And so I stop in my sudden fortune

While my heart like if not knowing the end of the road

Is longing for the hope to last a bit longer

Because the soul has not yet cried long and loud

O heart, give yourself to the strings of the sun

Which vibrate louder than drunken honeybees 

In the leaves of September on the country road

Where I hope for rest under the canopy of trees. 

The Leaves of September, 2019

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